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I’m Irish and Irish people don’t tell you a thing; Irish people keep it so bottled up.
The plan with Irish people is ‘I’ll keep all my emotions right here, and then I’ll die’

John Mulaney, New In Town,  and everything you need to know about how I go through life.  (via tin-pan-ali)

while this is true, it should be noted that the irish, as a people, are also incapable of hiding our emotions, and as such we are generally very easy to read. It’s kind of hard not to get the message when Your irish catholic mother bursts into a room crying and throws a shoe smack dab right into your uncles head before telling him to go to hell. So, yeah, we won’t actually tell you anything, but man, we will show you some shit.

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Feelings If Irish: “Totally Fine” to Truly Fucking Intense in under 60 seconds. Snap, Scream, Carry On.

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